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plants for the house

Plants for the house, Have you heard the old wives' tale about not keeping plants in your bedroom? Don't even consider believing it!

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Plants for the house, Which plants help to clean the air in your house?

Plants for the house, Have you heard the old wives’ tale about not keeping plants in your bedroom?
Don’t even consider believing it! 바카라사이트

Aside from bringing life into any nook and cranny of your home, plants are an excellent way to clean

And filter polluted air generated by cigarette smoke, domestic appliances, or air pollution.

NASA revealed in a 1989 study that certain indoor plants improve room air quality by removing

Hazardous organic components such as trichloroethylene, benzene, and ammonia (among others).

We’ll go over some of the greatest indoor plants for cleaning the air you breathe at home in this article.

The orchid, often known as the flower of youth, is ideal for cleaning the air of xylene, a solvent commonly found in paint.

Orchids, according to Chinese tradition, can provide good energy and wealth to our family members

If we give them the careful loving care they require (and they don’t ask for much!)

Orchids, like almost all indoor plants, abhor severe temperatures. 카지노사이트

Nonetheless, this plant is recognized for being fairly appreciative:

all it requires is indirect light and a weekly submersion in water (letting it drain afterwards). In exchange, it will look fantastic for a long time.

Because it is adapted to growing in difficult conditions such as rocks, this beautiful tropical plant adapts quickly to interior surroundings.

In addition to adding an unusual and colorful touch to the home, experts from the State University of New York

At Oswego discovered that the bromeliad absorbs up to 80% of the hazardous substances present in the air. So there’s not much left!

Care: The bromeliad doesn’t need much attention to be happy and light up your home. Place it in a sunny position (but not in direct sunlight) and water it once a week

Pouring the water into the calyx (the cup at the base of the leaves). You’ll be able to enjoy its flower if you follow this basic care routine.

This plant is ideal for any office workstation because it controls humidity and fills the air with filtered water vapour.

It also converts toxic chemicals such as xylene and toluene into molecules that are safe for the body.

Care: Keep your anthurium in a warm area of the house that is not in direct sunlight.

When the soil appears to be dry, water it. Above all, avoid overwatering it, as it may lose its leaves!

The peace lily’s vivid green color and gorgeous white blossoms make it an irresistibly elegant ornamental addition to the home.

This plant also aids in the removal of excess moisture and contaminants from the air we breathe at home.

The peace lily can survive with little water and light, but it is best to keep it away from drafts.

It will be content if you keep it at a temperature of about 18oC.

Do you have any of these plants in your garden? How do you look after them? 카지노 블로그

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